Coughing and spluttering means no tasting.

I have fallen prey to that most annoying sickness, the common cold, (fingers crossed that it is not the swine variety) I hate this post-nasal dripping, raspy coughing, head clouding, nose blocking sickness. Especially when it coincides with the reporting of swine flu. swine-cp-3491542

Due to all this facial congestion I have been off the bottle. I have been imbibing peppermint tea by the litre instead, with some small part of me hoping it will help my cold, I know this is ridiculous, but it feels healthier than coffee.

My snot covered fingers have also not written anything about the &Union gig. It bird mapis coming.  On the bright side Google tells me that the flu has not yet reached our dark continent.  So unless I am one of the first few sufferers, life will continue as normal, just a few more tissues spent, and lot less wine drunk.

These posts are exceptionally insipid I know, but I am just trying to get into the habit of writing often. This becomes challenging if you create a blog about wine and haven’t sipped for ages, as well as your head having more cotton wool around it than a first born Jewish male.

Things for the future: I am planning an article on the value of wine in opposition to Boredom. Not sure how it is exactly going to work, but it should be entertaining at the very least.  I also feel the need to comment on the hoo-ha that has been going on at Dr. Vino’s blog about the tasters for Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate (WA)  not paying for all their trips etc. I might not, on second thought, comment as it seems a bit of a squall in a Riedel to me, either way the exchange between Dr. Vino, Parker, and the accused is amusing, especially some of the more childlike responses from Jay Miller, what a twat.

I have now decided that I am definitely not going to comment on this issue specifically, but I feel I need to question ‘Objectivity in Wine Journalism’. Do the same standards apply to those of ‘standard’ newsroom journalism? Can we be objective about taste? A nice starting point is Jamie Goode’s take on conflicts of interest. He seems to think  that conflicts of interest are less of a problem that the writer just being a “crap taster”. Reminds me of Wilde, “There is no such thing as amoral or an immoral book. Books are well written, or badly written. That is all.”

Well that is what is to come if I do not fall victim to swine flu. Especially as the radio now tells me are now in a Pre-pandemic stage. This means human to human transmission. No dinner invites for me.


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