Why I am in the Desert

Just got into Dubai after a rather tedious journey. Not smoking for 14 odd hours is always tedious.

A Few Steps Back:

I am in Dubai with Marimba Vibrations – one of the marimba bands that play at Mama Africa where I am currently a manager. What happened was that last year Arrested Development was playing a gig in Cape Town and they came to eat at Mama Africa. They took quite a liking to Marimba Vibrations and started promising them all sorts of things: trips, gigs, albumns etc. Being a tad drunk I took it upon myself to stand up for the bands interests and feelings. In short I told Arrested Devlopment’s manager to rather say nothing at all than start promising the world and not pull through. He assured me it was all in good faith. I didn’t believe him.

 I got the email addresses of the manager and the company organising the South African part of Arrested Developments tour, Jump Media . I, predictably, heard nothing. I wrote a bit of a snarky email thanking them for getting the band’s hopes up for naught. I suggested their actions were just like those of other drunk tourists who tell our bands they will take them overseas, but all that happens is they sober up and get on a plane for home.  I heard nothing for about 3 months. Then out of the blue Steve from Jump Media calls me up and tells me they’ve set up some gigs for the band in Dubai and would I mind joining them on the trip. Sometimes it pays to be a sarky shit.

First gig is at The Cellar which is described as “gothic with a pleasant terrace” an odd description to be sure. I will post on the whole trip from the first celebratory bottle of Champagne at Mama Africa on Monday night to whatever happens tonight in the morning.

But now I am off todrink my Duty-Free Mulderbosch Chenin, which is probably the only reason I wrote this post – so the wine could chill.


1 thought on “Why I am in the Desert”

  1. Love the reason behind this post 🙂 ! have a great day /eve and cant wait to see the pics. oh and of course I do hope the chenin is up to par.

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