Growing Old Awkwardly

A bit of a disappointment last night with the Mooiplaas Sauvignon Blanc 2008.  I have been drinking this wine on and off since its release and last night it reminded me of Mickey Rourke. [ Full disclosure: A possible overstatement]


I remember its youth, crisp with good tropical fruit nicely rounded from lees contact and a balancing minerality on the finish. I liked it, not an outstanding Sauvignon, but then 2008 was not an outstanding vintage, especially for Sauvignon Blancs. But now the fruit disappears on the finish leaving the wine out of balance, a bit like Mickey’s face today. I guess it is also the context. If I was at a party full of beautiful people, plates of drugs, my favourite band playing in front of the floor to ceiling windows in a New York penthouse, and all there to drink was the Mooiplaas Sauvignon Blanc, I’d bloody love it. A bit like The Wrestler, nobody really wants to watch Mickey Rourke’s face for 90min, but the story was OK and the acting decent enough. So you sit through it and find yourself remembering the old days when ‘ol Rickey was a sex symbol. That’s what happened when I sipped on this Sauvignon last night, I remembered the old days of crispy balance in the sun.

Image from:http://www.makemeheal.com


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