A Night of Springfields

I like my Sundays to be Harry time, generally in the company of an author at a restaurant. This weekend past was the turn of Andre Brink to join me with A Chain of Voices at Posticino. 

I started with a bottle of Springfield Whole Berry Cabernet Sauvignon 2007 that was rather good. Dark fruit dominates with cassis and gentle tannins. I decided a bit of veal would be a decent enough pairing. I can’t really remember what I ordered but it came out, unexpectedly, with a creamy mushroom sauce. Would have preferred a Pinot Noir with it, the Hoopenburg 06 would have worked I think. The bowl of Napolitano with spaghetti on the side, however, went with the cab a treat.

So engrossed was I in the lives of Hester, Galant, Barend and co that, as the last drops of the Whole Berry disappeared, I realised an hour had passed and the soccer was about to start. Italy Brazil.

I changed to a table with a view and, for the sake of continuity, ordered a bottle of Springfield Life From Stone Sauvignon Blanc 2008 which I preferred hands feet toes and fingers down to the Whole Berry. The nose is flinty enough to start a fire with, then the taught minerality in the mouth gives way to a juiciness that made me smile after every sip. I couldn’t put my glass down. That juiciness balances out the stoniness of the wine and its herbaceous undertones beautifully. It was without question better balanced than the Italians (both the real ones on screen and the blue shirted Sea Point ones drowning their sorrows). 

By this stage I was peckish again. Ordered the Carpaccio which went with the Sauvignon superbly. The pebbly character of the wine joined hands with the meat, did a waltz, and disappeared down my throat. Quickly. 

A good night on the whole. The real winner was, of course, Mr. Brink I would have had to pay a lot more for my wine for it to measure up to his genius.


1 thought on “A Night of Springfields”

  1. Personal favourite is Devil’s Valley…I am writing down these wine names Harry. It’s test time…

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