Have Gone North For the Winter and Found a Wine for the Flu

Like an antipodean swallow, or one that had too good a winter and stayed on for summer, and from then on just got a little confused, I have travelled North for the winter, to Durban. Ah, the mild winters of my youth. I have come up here to see the folks and my ailing Grandmother, but while I’m here I will also be sampling the wines of KwaZulu-Natal and trying to find out whether any pro surfers drink wine.at the Mr. Price durbanPro.

Arriving home I was doubtful as to whether there would be any decent wine to drink. But I was happily surprised to find a bottle of Welmoed Chenin Blanc 2008. Cheap (that’s why it was in the fridge) but so devastatingly drinkable. Lemony goodness really, I reckon there’s probably some Vitamin C in here what with all the citrus going on: a flu fighting Chenin maybe? There’s also other tropical fruit on the nose (touch of guava and green melon) and the palate, but the citrus dominates. I also had a kind of honey moment earlier, it has been on the lees for a bit so that might be why; as I said Lemon and Honey, a proper flu wine. This is a value wine, not complex for sure, but without question over performing at under R30.

Family for now, then a wine trip to the Midlands and a surf party whether wine is involved or not. Oh and the camera is working, so there will be photographic evidence of the planned exploits. Going to pour the last glass of the Welmoed now.


2 thoughts on “Have Gone North For the Winter and Found a Wine for the Flu”

  1. I think you need to get that camera out quicker Harry. Can’t believe there is no photographic evidence of Craigs fall from grace on Sunday night.

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