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All Hail Ambassador Haddon


If I were you I’d be saying Whoop-de-fucking-doo

So I have been made a Kleine Zalze Ambassador. As wine bloggers all over the world have major issues with conflicts of interest I thought I would join the team and declare this. So when I blog about Kleine Zalze, know that they might have sent me the wine for free. Please do not think for one second that I would blog more positively about free wines. To be honest I feel far more for wines that I have paid for. I will those wines to be good because I have spent my money on them. Free wines, well I couldn’t give a toss how they taste, if it is shit I will happily pour it down the drain without feeling like I have lost out. 

I am not sure what being an ambassador means yet. Obviously it is all about cheap marketing. They give out some wine and 58 of us wax lyrical about the beauty, poise, and balance of Kleine Zalze wines. A fair trade I guess. Although I have done that in conversations before, for free. Especially their Bush Vines Chenin 2008 which is all gone, but it was just starting to drink really well. If you can find a bottle (hint: there are a few at Mama Africa in Long Street) drink it.

Despite not believing in objectivity I will endeavour not to let the free wines (and we are yet to see how generous they will be) taint by judgement on said wines. Lunch at Terroir and a few rounds of golf would probably do it though. Just saying.

The one thing I was thinking about was 58 ambassadors! That’s a lot of ambassadors. I wonder how many applied? I hope it was a shit-load more than 58 .

This is also quite a sensitive time to become an ambassador to a farm that has caused a fair bit of hoopla with the whole “which Chenin are we drinking” saga. But I’ll leave that for now.

Go buy some Kleine Zalze, it’s good for you.


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