Deconstructing Chenin

Off to another deconstruction with Under the Influence tonight. I’m really looking forward to this one as we are ‘deconstructing’  Chenin Blanc. I love Chenin. I mean I really love it, like Sherlock loves his clues, like a bergie sniffs his glue, or how Piglet loves Winnie the Poo, that’s how much I love it. There is even the possibility that I was suckled on Chenin Blanc. It is incredibly versatile, from bone-dry to a Noble Late h355_smalland everything in between. It is our most planted vine with over 500 hectares of the stuff growing in every region; this counts for about 18% of the total land under vines. We Saffas love our Chenin. When our own semi-sweet Lieberstein was the worlds biggest selling wine brand, part of the blend was Chenin.  Today there some brilliant bottles around, and Rand for Rand I reckon Chenin is the best value wine in the country.

I was slipped the line-up for tonight’s tasting. When I read it I started salivating quicker than one of Pavlov’s dogs. Sorry, I wasn’t given the vintages:chenin_blanc

No 6 Remhoogte (Haven’t tasted this one)
Raats (flagship Chenin)

De Trafford (Can’t go wrong with a De Trafford)

De Morgenzon (Gobsmackingly delicious)

Robusto (Oh yeah, bring out that big boy)

Lammershoek (woot!)

Beaumont (You know I already like this one)

Teddy Hall (Mr. Chenin himself)

I have decided to bring along a bottle myself this week to see what the others think. I’ll let you know what it was and what they thought tomorrow.


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