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An email I sent to Caveau’s management.

I have just sent this email to Caveau. I had this wonderful evening. Since they promised to respond over email and haven’t, I thought I would push things along a little.

Dear Caveau Management,

I will not make this a long letter as I am sure you are all extremely busy. I am not writing that to be polite, but rather because I assume it to be fact. It must be fact as you were not able to update your wine list for about two months, and could not find the time to email me to follow up on my original complaint.

I understand how time consuming running a restaurant is, I understand because it is my job. I mean, it must be very time consuming running a  ‘wine bar’ that “ensure[s] you the most convenient and relaxing way of keeping updated with who’s who in the local wine route” (your website). Funny thing is that my first complaint was over your wine list not being up to date. The next complaint was about how our waitress handled the complaint – rude and incompetently – and the third how the manager handled it, or should I say ignored it.

If this had been the first time I’d been to your restaurant I would have probably let it slip, but the thing is I had been there two months prior, and afternoon it took me four tries to find a wine in stock. Maybe they had all been sold out that day? Possible I guess, which is why I didn’t complain. But when I returned recently – about two month later – I found the same wine list with the same wines still out of stock.

It seems that  you did not have time to print out the menus. I guess you also haven’t had time to train your waiters on how to talk to customers. On my latest (and probably my last) visit when I made the complaint (as the wine I received differed in vintage from the one on the menu)  our waitress first told me that you were waiting until the end of the month to change the list. That was a pretty dumb line. If it was the truth it’s even worse. When I said as much she told me that I wasn’t the one who had to print out the lists. Also pretty stupid, and somewhat rude.

I told her that actually that is part of what I do. Taking it in her stride that pillar of customer service replied, “Well your wine list is not as extensive as ours.” I guess that maybe true, but considering how many wines are out of stock, maybe not.

After speaking to one of the managers on duty and repeating this sorry story he  took my email address and promised to relay the message to someone more important than him who would, in turn, respond. I guess those promises were about as empty as your cellar.

As you guys are so incredibly busy I thought I would step in and take the first step.

Kindest regards,

Harry Haddon

PS. After rereading this and imagining what I would think if it was sent to me I realised that the slightly sarcastic tone that wafts over this letter would probably get my back up. Sorry if it did.

I wonder if they will reply?


7 thoughts on “An email I sent to Caveau’s management.”

  1. Dear Harry,

    Reading your blog is a pleasure…I concur with the sentiments (have done for while now – a little longer than two months though).

    It might make you frustrated to try to continuosly fight this (please note an interesting analogy developing here paralleling the SA government blah blah fishpaste) but may I suggest a simple strike:)

    Best regards,
    The non-blonde

  2. Sorry I discovered a little split infinitive in the previous comment of mine…forgive my undergrad English:) I hope to catch up soon.

  3. Your split infinitives and my comma splices would probably get on well.

    I have taken to striking believe me. It still amazes me that after receiving an email like that a restaurant will not respond. Incredible arrogance.

    Glad you’re enjoying the blog.


  4. Ha!
    Brilliant letter Hazmatazz! If it were addressed to me I’d have a laugh, but still maybe think you’re a dick. All the same, it’s not an unreasonable complaint after all it is a wine bar.

    Awaiting sushi-bubbly post patiently!

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