White Stick Sips @ Harold’s Wine Bar

To be honest this isn’t my favourite place to drink wine. It isn’t the wine list or the glassware, or even the service; I think it’s the proximity to the Main road in Seapoint or maybe not, I don’t know, it just isn’t for me. When I drink wine I want it to be somewhere elegant, or rustic, essentially it must have character; and Harold’s doesn’t have much of the latter. It feels a bit cheap really

The wines we were presented with however were very interesting and whether they were liked or not they proved much to talk about afterward.

Wine Score Team Score
Drakensig Sauvignon Blanc 09 14.5 14.25
Viljoensdrift River Grandeur Chardonnay 16 14.88
Amani Pansy Poppy Blush ‘09 15.5 15.33
Zorgvliet Cabernet Franc ‘07 15.5 14.75
Altydgedacht Barbera ‘07 14.5 14.69
Stellenrust JJ Merlot ‘05 16 15.19
Gabrielskloof ‘08 15.5 15.81
Eaglevlei Shiraz ‘07 15.5 16.44


I feel that I am learning to score as I go along. I might have over scored here a little, although I do feel there were some standouts.

The Viljoensdrift impressed with its toasty oak that didn’t nearly overwhelm the pineapple and peach fruits (to be honest I though this was a blend). Maybe not classical Chardonnay but a lovely wine. I perhaps over scored a little here as I found the finish a little hot.

Some of the group disliked the Stellenrust JJ Merlot on the grounds that it was too thin. I’m not so sure; I really enjoyed the fresh acidity the slight oak spice and the minerally finish. I thought it was austere, others astringent, I thought it elegant, others thin. Maybe it is like the bar itself: most liked the place I thought it a bit of a dive. 

If you want to pop in somewhere on the top end of Seapoint Main road then Harold’s is a decent enough place., but if you want an engaging atmosphere with a cosy seat to nurse your wine I’d choose somewhere else.


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