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Justin Bonello now Cooks with Distell

Distell already dominates many restaurant wine lists, so it is with a little sigh of frustration that I read this morning that Justin Bonello and his show Cooked will be “pairing Fleur du Cap and Zonnebloem wines with his adventurous creations”. Find the press release here

I guess it’s more Distell sponsorship than pairings. Which is understandable, as creating a TV show is not cheap and I am sure Justin wants to make as much cash as possible. I wonder if is exclusive? Does this mean they will be pairing Distell wines with food cooked at Terroir at Kleine Zlaze? (I spotted the crew there recently while I was wine whoring) I’m not sure.

I believe that for those who really love food and wine, for those that an interesting wine joining up with a skilfully prepared dish is close to a spiritual experience, for those kinds of people the diversity of what goes into their mouths is very important. Differences in flavours, textures, smells and concepts are what make a passion for food and wine possible.

I will not say a word against the Fleur du Cap and Zonnebloem ranges, they are both very good. I am especially a fan of Fleur du Cap’s Unfiltered range. But I do wish that a successful local cooking show could showcase the wide variety of wines that our country produces.

I am probably over reacting. But I just wish more South Africans would start experimenting with the wine they drink. Start demanding better wine lists from restaurants. Support the smaller guys. Say no to the conglomerates. Stand up and shout Viva La Difference!

Update: I was chatting with someone who works at Kleine Zalze who told me they did pair the Kleine Zalze wines with the food the Justin cooked at Terroir. I guess it depends on whether it gets aired or not. I probably over reacted.


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