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OK, I am giving giving up a go.

I woke up this morning and threw my pack of tobacco away. A big thing for me.

Sitting around a table late at night once all the dishes have been cleared and only the bottles of wine remain; having a smoke with the last few glasses, merrily discussing this or that; the after dinner experience is one of my favourite things in the world. With the right people, actually, there is no place I would rather be.

You can do this without smoking, but I am yet able to imagine it being as satisfying. Maybe that will come.

I wondered if it was a good idea to post this endeavour publicly. I am hoping the fact that if I carry on smoking – oh the bliss of smoking – after having told the world differently (even if the world is in the other room, head phones on, listening to Black Sabbath) I’ll be a douche bag. Although I am not sure which is worse, not smoking or being a douche bag. For now I am going with a non-smoker.

The one area of stopping smoking that does interest me is whether my sense of smell and taste will improve. Either way I’ll post it here.

I hope this lasts, because rationally, smoking is incredibly bad for you. But my imagination does conjure up all the late night dinner parties, the flakes of ash on the white table cloth, the hoarse laughter, the half empty bottles of wine, and a plume of smoke expelled through the nose after one particularly humorous witticism. Am I giving up dinner parties too? Shit I hope not.

Anyway, now I have said it so I will be a douche bag if I smoke. I don’t want to be one. Ergo, I will not smoke. Hmmm, that seems a trifle flawed.

Wish me luck and condolences. It is going to be a difficult week.


After quickly bashing out this post I now really want a cigarette. So much that I was reconsidering posting this. Lame. Funny though. I am going to have to avoid all thoughts of that relaxing, stick of goodness.



4 thoughts on “OK, I am giving giving up a go.”

  1. Taste absolutely improves! Headaches decrease etc. I gave up for 10mnths, then had a cuban cigar…sigh. I am starting again. The quitting thing. At least I know it’s awesome to NOT smoke – thoroughly enjoyed the freedom of being able to NOT be enslaved by neeeeeeeding tobacco! Best of luck!

  2. As a fellow puffer, I can definatlely identify with you, Harry. One thing I have noticed is that my tasting ability seems to decrease for about a week or so after I quit. Then when my tastebuds recalibrate themselves I have marked a vast improvement in picking up the subtle things wines offer. I am also going to give it a go!

    1. Yup it is super tough. I have found the last couple days that it feels like I am smelling better – as if my nasal passageways are cleaner – but I am battling to identify any new smells. I think you are spot about our taste buds having to recalibrate. Would kill for a smoke now though. 🙂

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