Sod the olives I’m eating at BBS

OK here is a quick heads up for all of you. If you are not aware that the Riebeek Valley Olive Festival is happening from April 30 till May 2 then you probably dwell under a rock. Riebeek Kasteel has to be one of the prettiest dorpies in the country. BBBS PICS669d9ab61c9f0f3

Would I lie?

Now the heads up isn’t about the Olive Festival, but rather a peek at what my favourite restaurant will be serving. Bar Bar Black Sheep is always packed over this weekend so be smart – like me (OK not really like me, more like my girlfriend’s friend) – and book a table now. I think I am going to ignore the whole festival and just sit and eat all day long. Seriously, all the pushing and shoving as the masses fight for olives is not for me. You will find me with some Sequillo 2009 – I have recently tasted this vintage and it is achingly good – relaxing in the courtyard whilst eating everything on the menu.

outside1 Harry’s HQ for the Olive Festival

Now get a napkin ready, you’re going to start drooling.

Olive Festival Menu


Green and Black Olives R22

Patatas Bravas R24

Pan fried Chorizo’s with onion and red wine R26

Slices of Serano Ham R28

Marinated Calamari Tentacles R30

Sardines stuffed with roasted onion and chilli wrapped in pickled vine leaves R32

Onion and Garlic Soup

Onion and garlic slow cooked in butter added to home made chicken stock and reduced with white wine.  Warmed with a shot of brandy and served with a creamy roasted Gorgonzola toast R38

Grilled  and Marinated Artichoke Salad

Artichoke hearts grilled and marinated in olive oil, garlic, coarse salt and rosemary served on top of greens with black and green olives with a chopped parsley and lemon rind dressing R48


Very traditional and made with snoek, pan fried and baked in the oven.

Served with ginger and cinnamon sweet potato and a pineapple and coriander sambal R68

Roasted Tomato and Olive Risotto

Creamy Risotto warmed with roasted  tomato and olive sauce. Served with whole roasted tomato, basil pesto and parmesan R72

Persian Chicken

Oak smoked chicken breasts pan fried with peppers, grapes, figs, masala, chili, paprika and cooked off with coconut milk.

Served on top of cumin flat bread with thick greek yoghurt and dried pomegranates R84

Swartland Skaap Nek Bredie

Lamb neck slow cooked with wine, bay leaves, tomato, coriander, orange juice and rind and finished with black olives.

Served with ‘stampkoring’ R92


Old Cape Brandy Pudding with Ice Cream and Butterscotch Sauce

Koeksisters with Amarula whipped Cream

Affogatto! Double espresso with Grappa and Ice Cream

I just read that and dribbled on myself. Also the wine list is fun an locally sourced. Check it out on their website. To make a booking, which I strongly advise you do (unless you are rude, obnoxious or stupid then please stay at home) call the restaurant on 022 448 1031 or if you are into facebook become a fan here

I am not getting paid, or receiving free shit for this, I am just making your lives better by giving sage advice. BBS is relaxed and fun with honest, real food and the superb wines of the Swartland to accompany it all. What more do you want?


1 thought on “Sod the olives I’m eating at BBS”

  1. Not fair – wish I lived in Cape Town
    Would have to book for more thatn one meal or share as its too difficult to make a choice from the menu !

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