A Morning of Bubbles

I am reporting on a Dinner being held at Oveture today for G&W magazine. This morning we sat with Chef Bertus Basson tasting through the 20 odd Cap Classiques and Champagnes so as to come up with a menu. To say that I am happy would be like saying bacon is just OK.

Two highlights:


Very toasty with a rich and dense palate yet it seems almost weightless. An incredibly seductive and sexy wine. A sparkler I want to dance with, and take off my clothes with, but definitely not marry – she would cheat on me in a second. It also presents the perfect vicious circle: Open and drink a bottle of Krug. Celebrate this by opening another. Such an occasion derves another bottle, and so on.

SDC10333 The big daddy Dom impressed with a flinty start and a hint of a salty sea breeze, or crushed oyster shells. An intense limey palate that waltzed delicalty on a fine and noble mousse. This wine is not meant for rappers. They are clearly too vulgar for a wine as pretty as this. Delicious. I am looking forward to some more later.


The rest of them. Not a bad Tuesday.

Not going to mention the food yet. Will report  back on that soon.

Have a lovely evening. I hope it is as pleasurable as mine.


3 thoughts on “A Morning of Bubbles”

  1. such an awesome post, I love bubbles. Can’t wait for tomorrow’s report, there’s just too few champagne tastings in the year…

  2. Also looking forward to this blog…very much! I hope you survived the perlage barrage…brut force be with you.

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