Caveau: nothing to complain about. Thank god.

I have had my run ins with Caveau in the past (here and the email I sent as a result here). And they have still not replied to to my complaints.

But thankfully last night I came away with nothing to complain about. Now this shows how bad this place was that what is simply expected has made me want post about it.

But I feel that if I have written in a public medium as to how outrageously terrible a restaurant’s service was, then I should make an attempt to balance that out when service is how it should be.

The fillet I had was very good, the Granghurst Pinotage 2001 was in stock (a big deal at Caveau),  and made for an excellent pairing. The béarnaise sauce with the fillet and the fruity but mellowed Pinotage were doing a Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers number in my mouth.

FredAstaireGingerRogersRio33_GazellesWBack This is a close up from the inside of my mouth on Saturday night.

The response when I sent back a glass of Signal Hill Grenache Blanc 2005 was also as it should be. It tasted oxidised and a little sour. I recently had a bottle of the same vintage and while it was a little funky with a slight oxidised character to it, the glass I had here at Caveau had none of the freshness and underlying flintiness or minerality (need to find new words for that) I found in the former. The manager didn’t argue when I explained this, and just asked whether I wanted a new bottle or something else.

It was a relaxed, enjoyable dinner with social media and marketing guru HRH Lord Chris Rawlinson, the striking Therese who no longer works for Travel Start, the always wittty and fit Alex ‘@CapeTown_Girl’ Van Tonder, Mark Kaigwa Kenyan copywriter who is down here checking out our fine city and a blonde guy that sat in the corner whose name escapes me now. at caveau

Considering the Granche in some sick new tweed with Therese.

I will go back. I guess you can say the shower has been lifted from Caveau’s head for the time being.


4 thoughts on “Caveau: nothing to complain about. Thank god.”

  1. What a lovely evening and what an honor to have our very own wine expert in the company. Tweeds with the fur, whole caveau was looking at hem.. he hits the floor, next thing you know, shawty go low low low low..

    ps. don’t work for Travelstart anymo’ 🙂

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