Keeping the ball rolling

So, its been awhile. How you been doing?


Well I’ve been busy ferrying steaming plates of Wildebees, piping hot stews full of Kudu or Springbok, and an assortment of other beasts of the African plains  plates to the thousands of foreigners that joined us for the World Cup.

Now, as the waves of tourist slowly recede to the sounds of fading vuvuzelas, life offers up more time for me to prattle on about wine.

But what to prattle on about? Let’s see, Good wines recently?

The Rijks Chardonnay 2006 was very sexy. It is drinking well now, minerally and fresh with a buttery lemony lingering finish. Maybe a touch hot (alcohol showing) but it didn’t hamper my enjoyment. I love Chardonnay in winter: it simultaneously points toward the coming summer with its zappy citrus notes and comforts you in the cold by means of its rich and velvety mouth feel. Jordan’s Whole Nine Yards is a good wintery Chardonnay.

Bad wines? The David Frost Rhone Blend 2009. I think it is going to be an entry level wine for them as the price I was given at a blind tasting of Rhone Blends was around R30. This, I felt was R40 too expensive as I should have been paid R10 for tasting it. That might be a bit harsh, but this is hardly wine. No structure, very sweet, gross.

Not all golf themed wines are bad. The 2009 Shiraz from The Goose Wines is a delightfully bright and jubilant tipple. While extremely youthful it is by no means difficult to drink (if I wasn’t feeling fluish I would have nailed the second bottle). Fresh with a little violet character amongst bright red fruit. I really liked this wine. It is easy drinking, but not banal and my favourite golfer’s wine. I think it also sets a record for it being under R100. I know I said the David Frost was around R30, but I cannot in good conscious let that wine win anything. 

Funnily enough the tourists have receded at around the same time as all the gunk blocking up my nasal passages. So I am off to drink a glass or two at Signal Hill Wines then a Burgundy (although I reckon it is a Burgundy-like) tasting with Under the Influence.

Next up: I will taste a Solms-Delta Shiraz that is fortified but definitely not a Port and “violently dislike[d]” by Christian Eedes. Very exciting let me tell you.


2 thoughts on “Keeping the ball rolling”

  1. It seems that everybody else that’s tasted Solms Delta Gemoedsrus has gone absolutely ape for it which kinda leaves me looking like Norman No Friends. However, to survive this slightly chilly spell we’ve been having, I’d still opt for something like De Krans Tawny Port long before the Gemoedsrus. It just tastes better…

    1. I am a fan of Bredells 2003 Cape Vintage (and a super bargain).

      I have always enjoyed the Amalie, and think it offers pretty good value. Haven’t been as convinced by the reds, also finding the raisin character unattractive.

      I’ll open the Gemoedsrus tonight and see how it goes down.

      Thanks for reading.

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