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WineX 2010, you going?

(This will not be an essay. I promise)

So, it is that time of year again when the CTICC hosts its biggest piss-up of the year. WineX. I was wondering if any of you are going?

I’ll be giving it a miss this year. My Thursday and Friday evenings are begging me not to include being in  packed (although less so each year) hall, fighting the hoi polloi for sips of wine. Especially as the crowds have very dubious taste, last year they voted a coffee pinotage as wine of the show. Meh.  


I heard Michael Fridjhon chatting about WineX on Cape Talk. He said that there are less farms this year so as to make the event more intimate, and that it would only run for two nights so the wine-makers themselves can be present. My bullshit radar started bleeping frenetically when I heard this. Also there will be bigger glasses (I still suggest taking your own if you are going to go), and a grand piano. I would have preferred a girl playing a fiddle. Much sexier than a grand piano

violin girl Yup, told you so.

From what I understand after talking to those in the industry is that less wine farms see the value of attending WineX – more specifically Cape Town WineX. Just take a gander at the list of exhibitors for this year; there are about 60 more up North than down here in Cape Town. It seems that visitors to the show in Joburg simply purchase more wine. And at around eight to nine thousand bucks per stall, that’s what the farms want.

Do you go to WineX? Do you enjoy it? If so, how?

Update: After reading my post Sommelier, party-animal, and fine-wine drinking extraordinaire Jörg Pfützner told me that he would be showing some wines from Germany and Austria. I would advise you all to pop by to taste something a little different if you do go.


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