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@JD_Tasting tonight.

I’m attending a Jack Daniel’s tasting tonight as Cape Town Girl’s superemo palate, advisor on all alcoholic beverages, and general wine guy.

D780_Jack-Daniel-s-Black-Label-PostersYou can follow the tasting on twitter between 19:30 and 20:30; use #jdtasting or follow @JD_Tasting. There are a bunch of people taking part, so you won’t just have a stream of me blathering on about the oily smokiness of Jack

Thought I would do a bit of reading up before I went, and apparently:

Jack Daniel’s is not a bourbon. It is a categorised as a Tennessee Whiskey whose production method – filtering the whiskey through a layer of maple charcoal before being aged in casks – sets it apart. 

Jack died after kicking his safe – he apparently always forgot the combination. The resulting injury became infected. This story may not be true, but a good warning to those who smoke too much weed.

According to Neatorama Jack Daniel’s  started a 10-piece Silver Cornet Band. He then got the band to travel the country playing and promoting the whiskey.


This was the band. What does a cornet band sound like? The very question I asked myself. So to save you the hassle of copying and pasting my text into Google,  I present the Blue Marble Silver Cornet Band:


1 thought on “@JD_Tasting tonight.”

  1. I reckon drinking Jack Daniels could make you behave like the front man on the video…”funny!…but wrong”…to quote Steve Martin.

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