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It wasn’t wine, but goodness it was fun.

There are two things you can do when you either miss out on a tasting or forget to RSVP; you can write a somewhat bitchy post about it, or like me, you can find a more riveting engagement.

I was faced with this situation this week as the host of Cape Town wine tweeters descended on Cru Cafe for a Twitter Cab Franc tasting convened by Cathy Marston.

I did not have time to worry about not being in attendance as I saw that Cape Town Girl had a Jack Daniels tasting on:


1 Forgot to mention that  the evening was Ke$ha themed. No I didn’t know who she was either.


This chick. So you, like me, will be impressed by my lovely hosts’ similitude.

First off, I am no whiskey taster, I hardly even drink the stuff. But this is what we had to drink last night. We tasted three different version of Jack starting with Gentleman’s Jack. This was the lightest of the three in both colour and body. Not anyone’s favourite at the tasting finding it a little sharp and lacking in something. The Gentleman Jack sets itself apart from the others by it being filtered a second time after barrel ageing

5  The ladies giving Gentleman’s jack a whirl.

The next whiskey was the Single Barrel offering. This was the darkest whiskey of the bunch and I found it dominated by caramel, spice, banana, and oak. It is aged for six to seven years in the barrel and, for me, was the biggest tipple of the night.

4 The Single Barrel.

Finally good ‘ol Jack, with that unmistakable oily caramel and sweet spices. I found this the smoothest of the three, and most in balance. I set about the bottle and took pictures while the ladies posed: 


By this point Cabernet Franc was the furthest thing from my mind.

An interesting evening. I am still no whiskey taster and will probably not be one for awhile. I find the effect wine has on my being is of jollity as opposed to the more dour ruminative effect of whiskey. I quite prefer the former, but the ladies provided enough jollity and fun to make up for a hundred bottles of Jack.  


2 thoughts on “It wasn’t wine, but goodness it was fun.”

  1. Hi Harry, well at least you had another invitation – nobody invited me to drink Jack Daniels anywhere!! This was a bit of an experimental event and I just randomly seized on a handful of wine tweeters who had been retweeting me that day – nothing suspicious at all! So you can expect an invite to the next one when and if I get round to organising it and hope we see you then!

    1. Oh I knew there was nothing suspicious going on. Just a chance to niggle the establishment a little. I’m glad you had a good tasting. Judging by the tweets it was a great success.

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