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A little begging, a little tasting note

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know I am not a fan of wine competitions. The results have been showed to be somewhat random, and I find they are of more use to marketers than to consumers.

But blogging competitions on the other hand are awesome. And what is better than awesome blog competitions? Me.

And by that I mean me being in them.

And what is more awesome than blog competitions and me?


And by that I mean you nominating me.

But why should you nominate me?

Well, the Food & Wine category is going to be dominated by food blogs. That makes sense, there are more food blogs. This also makes sense as everyone eats. Food has the mass appeal that wine lacks. This suggests that I am coming from an underprivileged position in the food and wine blogging world.

And we all know what should happen with the underprivileged? You give them a helping hand.

So do something good, help a young, aspiring, witty and generally tipsy wine blogger out.


Bacchus. You know you need a hand when you’re praying to this guy. Shit, I wouldn’t get of my arse if I was him either.

I cannot ask you this without providing some wine content. So let me present to you some tasting notes on a Sauvignon Blanc. A wine that I have been sipping as I have begged for your nomination.

I’ve been drinking the 2008 Elgin Valley Vineyards’ Sauvignon Blanc since its release. Now I have got my paws on a bottle of the 2009. I really enjoyed the ‘08 so I’ve been looking forward to tasting this one from this much lauded vintage.

The nose is flinty with undertones of passion-fruit and cut-grass. The palate is juicy, but still quite tight. There is a worrying touch of banana in there, not full on ripe banana, but those little banana sweets. It is not off putting just weird, and I’m not sure it should be there.

A lovely remainder of dried fruit roll hangs around the palate after the wine has disappeared into my belly – this I love.

However, I feel it lacks the pizzazz of the 2008 at the moment. Also, the alcohol is a little out of step with everything else. It sits at 13.5% but is just a little too obvious. Like an badly chosen tie.

This sounds like I don’t like this wine. Well, it is not amazing at the moment, but I do feel it may improve. What I like about it is it’s avoidance of the “Hey! check me out! I’m one Grassy-ass green-peppered mutha-fucker”, I am methoxypyrazine, bitch!” character in found some Sauvignon Blancs. I don’t like those wines at all, and the Elgin Valley Vineyards has good balance between cool climate green characteristics and warmer tropical notes.

So there you go. Some begging for votes, and some tasting notes. Ask and offer, give and take; that’s how it is here. So go open a bottle of wine and enjoy your afternoon – after nominating me and telling all your Facebook friends to do the same.


21 thoughts on “A little begging, a little tasting note”

  1. Two interesting and excellent SBs I have had in the last week.
    1 – Reyneke Reserve White 2009 – notes of cassis!
    Barrel Fermented with no oaky notes and no pyrazines, YAY
    2- The Goose SB 2009 – all yellow and white notes. 13% alc, supreme acid from the coolest (average T) vineyard in SA and no pyrazines, YAY

  2. I read somewhere its a chemical called Amyl-acetate that’s responsible for that candied banana smell…but I am no winemaker, just a drinker…

    1. Ya, I came across that as well. But was wondering how that comes about in a Sauvignon Blanc. And I remember someone saying at the Constantia Fresh that it was dues to fermentation (possibly temp?) issues.
      It came about because one of the wines there had it quite solidly on the nose.

  3. Methyl-pyrazine gives mostly nutty aromas/flavours. I think the word you were looking for was methoxypyrazine? Different methoxypyrazines would give aromas/flavours like asparagus and bell peppers, if memory serves.

  4. Thanks for the vote of confidence Harry and Roland. Coming from you guys it means a lot indeed. In turn – Harry you’ve got my vote of confidence as well. Pieter – I still need you to taste the Goose Sauvvie. Will make contact when the next bottle is nice and chilled. Salute!!

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