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Nice work guys.

Thanks to all who nominated, I managed to squeeze into the top ten in the Food and Wine Category of the SA Blog awards. To be honest that was my aim. To win I need a bunch of votes and I am tired of spamming everyone’s twitter feeds and facebook pages for votes. So I will leave it there. Have a lovely Spring day.



cuvee royale

May I suggest some good bubbles to celebrate spring and all your hard work. The Simonsig Cuvee Royale 2004: Around half of the Chardonnay (there is a 3% splash of Pinot Noir) is fermented in French Oak and after blending and second fermentation it spends 5 years on the lees (if you don’t know what that is read this). The end result is a slightly smoky almond nose, with some rich apple chunks to it. The palate is round and rich with citrus fruit behind the brioche and slight toastiness. A great MCC. 


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