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The Goodbye Post I Ended Up Writing On the Plane

So here I sit at 11887m up in the air, flying at a speed of 885 Km/hr with only 5431km between the plane and Milan. I am busting this post out old-school, with pen on paper. You see I have chosen to leave my trusty Lenovo SL510 at home for this trip. So most of my posts will be written like this: into a journal first and then later, when the opportunity presents itself, onto the blog.

But wait, you say, where are you, what are doing and where are you going? If you are asking this you are obviously not on twitter. Let me bring you up to speed:

Around this time last year I decided that I needed to see a bit of the world again. I could feel my universe getting smaller – as it tends to do when you spend too long in one place, a sort of loss of perspective. But as my bank account was in the same state as modern pop music – gut-wrenchingly empty – it took a bit of scrimping and saving to get going.

Once the idea was in my head I started thinking of all the places I could visit: Peru to Azerbaijan my mind wandered, Aberdeen or Mongolia, could I afford Antarctica, what about China, Japan! And so I saved and dreamed, scrimped and considered. Then my wine gland (I have one and it allows me to function normally if I maintain a steady consumption of interesting and varied wines) kicked in and I was of course drawn to Europe. To France, to Italy, to Spain, Portuagal and Germany my gland pulled. I eventually decided on the south of France because of a wonderful bottle of Hermitage I had during the time of deciding. I now had a plan.

As we all know “The best-laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft agley,” but do we know why?

I do.


I met one and she is amazing. She already had plans to travel. To Italy. I said I would join her. She wasn’t sure if I was serious. I booked a ticket. We broke up.

So now I am bound for Milan with as many plans as I have cash.

I’ll be spending a few days in Milan before hopefully heading out to visit Dirk Niepoort in Portugal, and I will end up back in Italy to find some classic Barolo and hunt for some truffles, but between Porto and then? Not a bloody clue.

So updates on this blog will more than likely be sporadic, badly edited and, until I buy a cable for my camera, without images.

Unitl I get my camera sorted I can provide you with stolen pics that are much better than I can do. Lovely spot that, passed by it before lunch.

Thankfully however I am incredibly lucky to have been given the use of the new Sony Ericcson Xperia Mini to use for my trip. So from tomorrow you will able to follow my goings on via twitter.

I plan to drink ridiculous wines, visit extreme vineyards, learn from winemakers and read as many books as possible. This is my task, and by Bacchus I shall keep true to it.


4 thoughts on “The Goodbye Post I Ended Up Writing On the Plane”

  1. Harry,

    Imagine you’re a knight in shiny armor and she’s being attacked by bloody Italian Latin lovers 🙂 F… them all and save her… Cheers from Belgrade!

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