The Box Wine Challenge

On Thursday I will be taking part in Spit or Swallow’s South African Box Wine Awards. Myself, along with 24 other wine enthusiasts, bloggers, makers and sommeliers will be judging 14 different wines to find out which wine in a box is South Africa’s best.

We will be tasting blind (normally I need to be blindfolded with a gun to my head to drink this stuff so no change there) on the roof of the Grand Daddy Hotel on Long street.


I am, strangely, quite looking forward to this. A few months ago myself along with two wine-makers and a wine shop owner were served two wines blind and asked which we preferred. One ended up being a well liked Pinotage and the other a box-wine. We all liked the box wine more, and my goodness we were surprised when the wines were revealed. So it will be nice? no. Enjoyable? maybe. Informative, that’s it, informative. Thursday should be an informative tasting of wines that I would normally order as often as flambéed cow turd with sheep’s piss jus.  

One of the wine makers from that day will be joining us on Thursday, Pieter de Waal from Hermit on the Hill. His taste buds should be primed after having tasted on the Sauvignon Blanc panels of the Young Wine Show, Veritas and Wine Magazine this year. After all those Sauginon Blancs I am sure a bietjie doos wyn will be a welcome change.

I suppose spitting will be no hard task here, but I will keep an open mind. Nevertheless I’ll be sneaking something of quality in for afterwards. Unless, that is, we find some good examples of what a friend of mine likes to call Chateaux Cardboard.

If you are interested in joining in the festivities please come down. All the leftovers will be shared out when the tasting is finished.

Venue: The Grand Daddy Rooftop Trailer Park
Time: 6pm
Dress Code:
Trucker Caps and/or Moustaches (in support of Movember)
Entrance: Free

For a full list of the masochists judges see here


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