An Announcement

Today is my last day at Mama Africa Restaurant. I have been working here for the last three years and it gave me wonderful access to the wine industry. This is an industry that I have been butting my head into for the last year, whether they liked it or not, and I seem to have made some, err, headway. I started this blog at the beginning of the year as a way to start writing again after University and a good way to track my journey in wine.

Since then I have become more and more enamoured with what’s in my glass, experimenting at every opportunity, giving up my last penny to attend tastings, revelling in wine’s complexity, difference, sense of place, and stories. I have tried to become a reader of wines rather than a passive drinker. In every glass there is a tale to be told and unravelled: the origin possibly, how it was made, did it work out? Fail? Do you love it? Can you hear it speak to you? I remember a glass of Jean-Louis Chave 1999 Hermitage, that was a wine that spoke to me loudly. I tasted earth, olives, the seaside, I remember an image of a dock with fishing boats and seagulls as I drank the wine . Maybe I am just a wine nerd with an over-active imagination, but hell, you show me another beverage that can do that.

I’ll stop flogging this poor horse, you all know I love wine. So, I started this blog and it has lead me to a new job. On Wednesday I will be starting at Backsberg Estate as their marketing co-ordinator. It is a new challenge for me, and I am obviously hoping to learn much from the other side as it were.

I will be carrying on this blog, but as I can already hear some shouting “Conflict of interest, conflict of interest hahaha!” as those who read wine blogs are want to do. So please check at the top of the page and click on the   “Massive and obvious Conflict of Interest” tab for more details.


4 thoughts on “An Announcement”

  1. Great news, Harry!! Not sure those back-of-the-berg folk know what’s coming. Have fun. Do I need to keep the throne up the road warm, or will you be finding a replacement?

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