Harry Blogs Again

Hello All,

Yes yes, thanks thanks, I’m well, very well indeed. Sorry about the long break, but you know, new jobs and all that, having to focus, head down, knuckles to the millstone or whatever have shifted my priorities somewhat recently.

But I am back and shall be blogging more often. This is just a quick post to say that really. I’m back. What really gave me a kick in the pants to start again was when I saw this ad for Wine Magazine’s blogs.

Why read three blogs when one will do?

And I thought, hold on a minute I offer all of that in one place. Better get on with it. All these people having to read three blogs for irreverence, information and entertainment. I could save them so much time. Look, I’ll do it now:

Irreverence: Wine Magazine, I wave my genitals in your general direction. Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries. Now go away or I shall taunt you a second time

Informative: Early Roman women were forbidden to drink wine, and a husband who found his wife drinking was at liberty to kill her. Divorce on the same grounds was last recorded in Rome in 194 B.C.g


See, easy.  So here I am back on the blog.

Soon it will also be growing up with a proper url, none of this .wordpress nonsense. Was actually going to happen today. But it didn’t. So you’ll have to wait a little longer for

There a few other things happening at the moment, but I am going to put those into separate posts. Look out for them this afternoon or tomorrow morning.


6 thoughts on “Harry Blogs Again”

  1. Dear Harry, we do find your genitals rather irreverent. Your… er…“taunt” is about as big as an elderberry and you’ve got a hamster stuck up your butt. Sincerely, the three lady bloggers at Wine.

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