Riesling Slogan Competition (not here though)

Noticed a little competition that has been started on wine blogs – just seen it on Neil Pendock’s and Cathy Marston’s so far– aimed at coming up with a slogan for Just Riesling (an updated website would be good too).

I think it’s a fun idea. The winning slogan – that is presuming there is one as I imagine there are going to be a lot of shitty entries (Riesling is rad, Drink Riesling, get laid, Riesling is on the rise etc.) – will win a mixed case of Riesling.

I first thought “Riesling, just do it”. But then I thought people might link that with a philandering golfer, and nobody wants that. I then thought I had a winner with “Riesling is good for you.” But then I thought, nah, that would never work. “Ah, Riesling!” would have been good, but it didn’t sound close enough to “Hey presto.”

After much consideration I entered these on Mr. Pendock’s blog.

“I drink, Riesling.”

“When you know wine, you know Riesling.”

Or the other way round, I’m not sure.

“When you know Riesling, you know wine.”

And finally, not my favourite, but hey:

“Riesling, it suits you.”

What do you reckon? Am I in with a chance?

I’ll enter a few more on Cathy’s blog when I feel inspired.

Oh and I know there has been little but competitions on this blog since I emerged from my silence. Sorry about that. But at least you can win stuff. I’ll be back to wine stuff where you get nothing but reading pleasure soon. I’m revisiting my old friends at Under the Influence on Wednesday for a white wine tasting; I’ll tell you what I taste there.


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