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I feel like a bit of a sellout. I start blogging again and all I have posted is competition stuff. What a loser. Sure the competitions are about wine, but the posts were not, and what kind of bloody wine blog do I think I am running if that is going to be the case?

So I am taking a step closer to wine now. From giving the stuff away to writing about it. What? I am writing about writing about wine? How thoroughly post-modern of me. Don’t worry, I am not going to let words drift off the screen like smoke from a locomotive. Or like spilt wine off a scotch-guarded table cloth.

I would like to introduce you all to Real Time Wine, micro-reviews of wine in a straightforward ponce-less fashion.I will let the words of its founder the esteemed Mr. Andy Hadfield describe its origins.

South Africa, and the world, needed a better review system.One that spoke to the people. The winos who just
knew they liked wine, and didn’t feel like decoding a freakin’ puzzle each time they desired an outside opinion.

And thus, 140 character wine reviews were born in mid 2009. Reviews for the digital generation (who’s
attention span declines with each bottle they drink). Reviews for the common man. Reviews for us.

The aim of each review is to offer a single element (at least) of the wine to consumers that is easily identifiable and simply communicated. It is an effort to circumvent all the typical wine excess of phrase that I hold dear, and turn many people off.

real time wine

And as we catalogue all the wines we drink, the site will grow in value. A quick search of the site will give a quick and simple guide when browsing the supermarket or wine store shelves.

At first I baulked at having to give up so many words I use to describe wine, but then it became an interesting sort of challenge.

OK, I can’t use the word ‘elegant’ or ‘tannin’, so I how do I communicate the experience I have through a wine that leads me think of it as elegant in different words? It is tough. And I don’t think I am always going to get it right, but it is a thoroughly refreshing exercise, and one that can prove very useful to people in the future as the site grows.

I know that a certain common language is needed to discuss wines as we all have different palates. It’s like when I say to you, “the cat sat on the mat.” Now you all have different cats, on different mats, in front of different houses (or flats, bungalows, factories, farm houses) in different places and perhaps even planets. That is the beauty of imagination and the limitation of language.

With wine you might smell your standard 2 PE shorts, but describing it as such is not very useful. So we get caught up in the (kind of) Lingua-Franca of wine. The ‘elegant’, the ‘herbaciousness’, ‘mineral’, ‘taught’, ‘lean’, ‘cool-climate’, ‘intergration’ and so on. Now there is nothing wrong with these words, they are just not being used for these reviews.

This is a healthy option, for me at least, to stretch the way I describe wine, to make it more inclusive and, probably, less sensible. It is fun, it may at times seem silly, but at its heart it will be honest.

If you don’t like it, it is probably not aimed at you. And that’s fine too.

So check it out, have a browse and let me know what you think.

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