Adi Badenhorst ‘Wine’

I have quite a bit to blog about right now. The Constantia Fresh Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon tasting where I experienced some ridiculous wines. Top top end Bordeaux white blends alongside some brilliant South African examples. But it is late, and that takes time. I would of done it yesterday but I was too busy dealing with Google. (more to write about that I won’t go into now).

But what I do want to briefly mention, is this wine.

Shirley from Vino Pronto said she had a few bottles of this and asked if she should keep me one because she thought I may enjoy it. “Of course” I exclaimed. Well, I would of, but I had to settle for: “Of Course!!!!!” as it was over an email.

I am a big fan of Adi’s wines, especially his top end red and white blends. I love the tension between freshness and rich ripe fruit flavours.

And this little beauty, with no vintage, no description or indication as to which varieties are used excited me tremendously. I reckon there may be a bit of Chenin in there along with, perhaps, some Grenache Blanc and probably a bunch of other stuff. I’m not sure.

But too be honest it really isn’t that important to me right now. What is imortant is that it is a wine got that my wahoo flowing, it made me smile, it made me quickly pour another glass, and best of all (this for me is a really important aspect of wine) it made me want another bottle. Quickly.

Alas, I only had the one.

It is a white wine made very oxidatively, that is, it has been exposed to a chunk of oxygen in its production. I also am guessing some old oak was used here.

It is rich, with apricots, spice and a brandy like aroma. But there is no goupy feel here, no flabbiness; the richness is one of precision. It is a richness that doesn’t feel showy or overstated, because this oxidative mouthful is tempered, invigorated even, by some dazzilingly bright acidity; and the tension created by these two textures: the weight of wine, the rich, flowing almost creamy side, set against the flirty saxophone parp of acidity made me immensly happy.

I can see this not being a wine that many people will like as much as me, but I couldn’t care less. It doesn’t just float my boat, it takes it and does this to it.

Harry’s boat before Adi’s Wine


Harry’s boat after Adi’s wine

It may not be, at this point in its life, complex of flavour, but it is cleverly and artfully textured. Layers of texture. Layers of awesome.

It is oxidative without question,  and you know you don’t like that kind of thing I wouldn’t drink this wine.  But if you are looking to experiment a little; to try something new, then I would definitely give it a ago . It is just so damn delicious.

I think Vino Pronto (021 424 5587) in Orange may have one or two left, otherwise you can try the http://www.aabadenhorst.com/

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