Make it 2 Bushmills

So wine does not really have much on a connection to St. Patricks Day. I tried to find one, I looked for Irish wine – there is a bit – which is traditionally mead. I tried mead once. I was told it doesn’t give you a headache. I worked out why quite quickly; it’s so disgusting that no one drinks enough of it to get pissed in the first place. Well, that’s how it worked for me.

I thought of doing a post on Vinho Verde a Portuguese variety that translates as “green wine”. But if I waned to write about green wines I could just have a tasting of 99% of South African Merlots. Pass the mead please.


No, I am leaving wine out altogether today and letting you know about a pretty sweet competition that Bushmills is running. Consider it my St. Patricks present to you.

The competition is called Make it 2 Bushmills and basically it’s about getting you and your best mate to Ireland to compete against 10 other countries for the prize of £5000, a two week stay in a luxury apartment in Northern Ireland and the opportunity to learn from Colum Egan, the Master Distiller himself, about the art of making Bushmills whiskey.

But I am getting a little a head of myself here. Let’s break it down.

First things first. Head over to and follow the instructions. The idea is to post a pic of you and your best mate. (here is a bit of inside info: make a video. Make a video that will make the judges cry, laugh, and pump their fists.

And then?: The top ten are chosen, and sent to an island where they will fight to the death. No kidding. The top ten are voted on by the public. The most popular BFF’s (Bushmills finest friends of course) are sent to Bushcamp.

Wtf is Bushcamp? Simple, the South African finalists will compete with similar BFFs from 10 other countries. At this point it stops being about you, you are representing our country so you better not screw it up. 

After three days in Bushcamp a victorious pair will emerge (you) and they go on to share in the spoils of the prize mentioned above five grand (pounds) a lavish hotel and the chance to meet the big guy himself. Not god, but close; Colum Egan, The Bushmills Master Distiller high priest of Irish whiskey. 23/2/11Mandatory Credit Darren Kidd/

That’s the guy. He could be your whiskey mentor.

But there’s more: Because this is all about friends, after you have finished up in Ireland Colum will help bring the distillery home. He will pack up parts of the Bushmills Distillery, and fly them back to SA, along with some Irish musicians and famous Bushmills personalities. There will be a big party, and you will all have a bloody good craic.

MI2B Winners Apartment

Not a bad place to stay while learning about (and drinking) whiskey. Your Irish pad should you win.

So go to and enter. You, your mate, whiskey, 5 grand.

Happy St Patricks day.


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