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Not enough wine I say. Unfortunately that has been the case recently. Well, that it is not altogether true. There has been wine, just none of great interest. No, there has been one, a Rose from R. Lopez de Heredia. It is a current release from the 2000 vintage. 2000. I know. And it was quite easily the craziest ass rose I have ever tasted. It was still bright and fresh, also very serious, with structure and weight. It was Rioja in silk pajamas. Close your eyes and you wouldn’t know it was a rose. An astonishing wine that made me remember why I love this vinous life.

Apparently life is too short to drink bad wine. A load of baloney. Life is simply too short. For everything. Bad wine is a generally a right of passage, a little town we pass through on our way to wines of stature, elegance and ludicrosity. Sometimes you get stuck in this little Village of plonk, either because wine is simply another liquid to imbibe or  because financial constraints limit you to the cheaper end of the supermarket shelf. A shame indeed, but it happens.

A greater crime, assault with grievous bodily harm, is the making and consuming of boring wine. At least I can moan and shout and wax lyrical about shitty wines, but those stuck on the plateau of the ordinary, wines that are nice, that are just OK, wines that inspire neither rapture nor revulsion are the true villains here. And this, dear reader, is what I have unfortunately been subjecting myself to recently, and as a result this blog as been on the quiet side.

Later today I will be trying a new wine: from the produces of The Hedonist, comes a new vinous escapade that has twitter in a flutter, and the blogosphere all a titter. It is Simon Wibberly and David Cope’s new wine The Alphabetical. I have had a glass, and must admit it did not move me; I couldn’t get past the volatile acidity. But then I was a little worse for wear by the time we opened it and I might of mistaken me having no palate left after the 100th cigarette, for VA. We shall see. This afternoon I will be ‘live’ blogging a bottle of it from & Union.

I have become far more sensitive to VA after I tried a little test I learnt online. Here is the idea:

Wine is basically one stage in the conversion of fruit juice to vinegar.  Put simply, fruit juice is converted to wine (alcohol) by the action of yeast cells, and wine (alcohol) is converted to vinegar (acetic acid) by the action of acetobacter in the presence of oxygen.  Acetobacter is spread by fruit flies, one species of which (drosphila melanogaster) is the same one that is used to teach high school biology students the basics of genetics.

While all wine has some amount of acetic acid, a good wine has an amount that is below the threshold of our ability to detect it by itself.  A bad wine has an amount that is detectable by almost anyone.

You can try this at home yourselves. Take two glasses of the same wine, cover one and leave the other exposed to the elements. After a few minutes uncover the one  glass and give it a good sniff and slurp, repeat with the fly tainted wine and you will now have a very good idea as to what VA is.

Give it a go. You will learn something.

There has also been a lack of posts here due to my 12-day sojourn in Oudtshoorn for the Absa KKNK. This really deserves a post of its own. There were sokkie treffers, more pouting Afrikaans young men on posters than you could imagine, rooster brood on every corner, Kaapse Klopse, the karoo, a drag show, I showed up in drag, plays in the desert, a 3m thumb, more sokkie treffers, back track friends, Smokie (or at least brand Smokie), more sokkie treffers, a foaming fountain, a Dj named Choppa, interpretive dance, and more sokkie treffers.

We also sold some wine.

All in good time my friends, all in good time.

I will see you later for The Alphabetical.


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