BIG BOTTLE PARTY FTW – so it begins

I can feel it. I am here. Cellars-Hohenort, Constantia. Big Bottle Festival. I am going to tweet and blog my way through this weekend of wines. Super duper wines out of super duper big bottles. I am sitting at the bar in the Conservatory sipping a beer contemplating the evening ahead. The calm before the decanting, the pause before the sabrage.

And hot-damn is it going to be a good one. First up is a lesirurely early-evening Champagne tasting. Not just your normal Champagne tasting, but a tasting of rare Blanc de Blancs out of Magnum and Jeroboam. I am particularly looking forward to tasting the 1998 Dom Ruinart 1995 Launois Blanc de Blanc. Tasting notes will follow.

Then of course it will be off to dinner. Things are going to get a little wild and wooly from there on out. And I will be doing my best to retreat to the bar at intervals to let you know what’s potting. this is where all the training pays off. Nights of late night sipping and swallowing, dinner after dinner, all train a persons’s constitution to be ox-like so that it can take in a weekend’s debauchery to its full extent. My friends. I am ready.

Tomorrow is the walk around tasting where SA’s best will be pouring their wines in a walk around tasting. I have packed my adcodols, and emergency bottle of bubbly to make sure I am in tip top form for that. Hope to see you there.

Wines for dinner. Must get through the blanc de blancs first.

Must be off I think I here corks popping.




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