A Wine & I Service Announcement

It has been a while since I have posted. I am sure your poor baited breath is almost spent, your nails finger-bitten up to the knuckles. For this I apologise. Things have been up and down behind the scenes here, and blogging was, well, trying.

That being said at least I can offer some clarity now.

As you know if you have read my “Big Conflict of Interest’ tab I am currently employed at Backsberg Estate Cellars. This employ will terminate as of the 31st of January. I feel that it is best if I do not blog again here again until then. We can then embrace a new start together, without conflicts. At least for a while. (I’ll keep you up to date as they crop up – pesky things, conflicts.)

I shall be heading out into the great unknown. Tying up my metaphorical handkerchief to a sturdy stick, hoiking it over my shoulder, and striding on to things new and exciting. “What are they?” I hear you ask, well that would be telling. All I can promise is that from the 1st of February this blog will be somewhat reborn. Maybe not in design, but at least in frequency of content. I hope to provide far more interesting stuff from the winemakers I believe to be doing the most exciting things, interviews, how-to’s eccetera. It will be better my friends, I promise.

I appreciate your patience, and I hope I can reward it.

Until then, you can find my weekly columns at

These generally arrive on Wednesdays, but sometimes Thursdays, on rare occasions they even make an appearance on Mondays.

There is also a radio spot on thursday Mornings around 10:30 on Get the app, tune in.  It’s a rad station even when I am not getting Lindsay Williams and Richard Hardiman a touch sozzled before they have had a chance to grab lunch.

See you in Feb.

[Update: On rereading this I thought I should make it clear, that I have had a very enjoyable year with Backsberg. I also look forward to tasting the wines Guillaume Nell will be producing from the renovated cellar, the aim of which is to pass 1000 tons of grapes through the place in the manner of a boutique cellar: gently.]


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