OK. Let’s go.

It’s funny. I have been putting off posting here for a while because I was waiting for something decent to write about. Then, realising nothing exciting had happened to me wine-wise lately, I thought I could kick things off with a bright, sparkly little post about my change in career.

I tried that a couple times and just couldn’t get the bloody thing sparkly or bright enough.

Sod it, I thought (about 40 seconds ago), let’s get this thing moving.

So what’s going on? It has been a while. I hope you are well. You look great, did you do something with your hair? Dahling, you look tremendous.

Me? Well. I am trying to make my way as a wino of all trades, tasting here, writing there, spot of radio, trying some video work, maybe even a stint of waitering to get those ends meeting. (My ends, currently, are not even talking to each other so much work needs to be done.)

I also hope to have a bunch more activity going on here. This will in all likely hood  be chronicling my journey in wine (aka Harry Avoiding The Gutter).

As I mentioned I have been a little out of the wine social/writing/free lunch scene for a bit recently. Ho hum. But I will be getting back into it with the abandon of YMCA. So expect many more posts, wines, and shenanigans.


1 thought on “OK. Let’s go.”

  1. God , ruk daai ding jou slymgat,and don’t forget to take out the pitte,you will be just fine .Let’s get this fokkin thing moving hey.

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