I’m Baaaaack

Yup, longest break from blogging ever. I thought I should start again. This may or may not be linked to the fact that freelancing is tough, and I could really do with the free lunches whose invites have trailed off since the blog posts dried up. Probably not though.

I was going to get a new domain, a fancy new design and everything. These cost money and selling words about wine is hard, so I have decided to keep the boring old look for a little longer.

What to write about now? How to be a wine lover on less than $5 a day? I think not. One of the areas that I want to put more effort into is tasting notes. They used to trip so easily off my tongue. I could type paragraphs upon paragraphs of ludicrously  florid tasting notes thinking nothing of healthy doses of anthropomorphism. Wines would turn into all sorts of things; I would marry them, divorce them, ride them into battles featuring alcoholic dragons wielding massive oak stave swords. I would generally save these bursts for wines I particularly liked or disliked. I want to bring them back as I have slipped into a terrible rut of using almost Platter like notes. While there is nothing wrong with these sorts of notes, I try not to bore.

I woke up recently with the desire to start blogging again. I decided not to moan about how I have not blogged. That’s like starving yourself and then moaning that you’re hungry. Luckily I also woke with an idea for a first post. I would start again by telling a story featuring all the new Hermit on the Hill wines. Personifying the wine, I would have them band together and embark on a misson to save South Africa from boring, mass made wines. Each wine would have its own persona based on their individual tastes. It would be like Lord Of the Rings, but with wine. Lord Of the Vines? Wine of the Lords? There is even a real Hermit to use. It would be brilliant I thought. THERE BE FLAGONS!!

A short story where all the characters are wines. Genius.

I recently attended a little lunch at the Wild Fig restaurant (There is a smoking bar, it’s close to town, the food is always delicious and well priced. Love it) with Peter de Waal to taste some of his new releases. I got up early ready to write my tale of small wines slaying Goliath-like brands with natural acidity, interestingness and their secret weapon, ludicrosity.

I sat at my desk and took out my tasting notes.

I tried to read them.

It all looked like some complicated doctor’s script.


I then tried to piece the lunch together in my mind.

There was a lot of wine. I ate springbok with a ripe wine from the Rhone. There was a crazy Rose from Abingdon in KZN. And really Good Rhone wine (I remember this one, Saint Cosme Cote Rotie 2008). The Springbok potjie was delicious.

There was a lot of wine. Some dodgy Sauvignon Blancs. Some brilliant Sauvignon Blancs.

The one wine that stands out is Peter’s White Knight which last year was nominated for 5 stars. This year the blend is more conservative, without the splash of Muscat Blanc – like a cute dimple – that had me fall in love with it. Now it is a more straight-forward Sauvignon Blanc Semillon blend.  It may represent the Hermit himself becoming less of a hermit and now having to sell more White Knight to pay for nappies. Like my reason for blogging again, it may well not be the case. It’s still delicious.

It’s a bit blurry. Also, this may be the real reason for lunch invites drying up.  I possibly have to dry up first.

OK. I got drunk and wrote indecipherable notes. I am now going to have to buy all of Peter’s wines and taste them again, so I can offer you the real story told in a world where wines are alive and have super powers. Until then I will be blogging regularly. The next tale is one where I try to convince a person that wine is not pretentious, and fail terribly.


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