Racing in the Swartland with Maxime and Roland

In case you missed this. I was with Maxime Graillot – you search this blog for mentions of graillot and you’ll know how stoked I was to meet Maxime and his Dad Alain – point is, we were at Meerhof tasting their ridiculously rad Chenins, and decided a race around Meerhof’s track was in order.

Yes. A track. Next year it will be tarred. Then we are doing it in a porsche.

The wines that Johan Meyer is making with the help? Guidance? of Krige visser are incredible. Natural winemaking, offering a really new expression of Chenin in the Swartland.

Freshness and ‘mineral’ is key. “Fuck primary fruit” says Krige. Yeah. Fuck em.

The Koggelbos Chenin Blanc 2011 is a crazy assed wine with layers of flavour. It’s demanding, but ultimately satisfying.

The Antebellum Chenin Blanc 2012 is cheaper at R65, but no less interesting. Far more reserved than your usual ‘unwooded’ (15% is aged in 300l old oak) but possibly because they have fucked the primary fruit so hard.

Full tasting notes to come as soon as I get my hand on a few bottles. Meanwhile, enjoy the video.


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