Cape Town Festival Of Beer. A few thoughts

I went for breakfast this Saturday. A 12 o clock breakfast of beer and curry. It was a good breakfast.

I get a little crotchety, now in my late 20’s, when it comes to big walkaround tastings. I prefer a bar stool, and solid bar top when drinking beer. My pocket does not keep up with my liver, however, so this is the only way to taste a whole bunch of beers.

I was particularly excited to taste some of BrewDog’s beers. BrewDog are scottish brewers who have punked the craft beer industry with cunning marketing tactics such as selling a beer served in a stuffed animal.


That friends, is awesome, and shows how far the wine industry has to go when it come to packaging. A bit of braille and gold lettering is thinking outside the box to most wineries. Avondale should consider of using its ducks for something similar. MCC out of a dead duck’s neck? Come on. I’d drink to that.

BrewDog’s beer is called the End of History, and held for a short time the title of  Highest Alcohol Beer. I had hoped to taste the Tactical Nuclear Penguin – a beer that was at one stage the world’s strongest – but at R900 a bottle, they weren’t giving out samples.

At first it was pretty hard to extract any beer from the BrewDog stand. As the guy working the stand – a smart oke who is distributing the brand in SA – kept pushing me to pay for a tasting flight. When I said, no, I’d like to taste the beer, I’ll buy a bottle if I want to pay, I was poured as tiny a tasting sample as I have seen. I could have cried more into a glass.

I stomped off to buy a beer. Fucked if  I was going to be forced into buying a tasting flight because the guy pouring feels his beer is more valuable than my tears.

I did come back, mollified after a few tankards of the Blck House IPA from Devil’s Peak.  The beers were good. I think Devil’s Peak’s IPA is better than BrewDog’s  Punk IPA, but the more intense (and higher alcohol) Hardcore IPA, was my beer of the day. Their Dead Pony Club, is a wonder at only 3.8% ABV but with waves of flavour.

If you haven’t noticed, I am getting into my India Pale Ale.

I do. I love it. A lot.

Mitchell’s making a “That’s what She Said” Joke. Or perhaps a “Foever Alone” joke. Really depends on your outlook.

This is the Whatupribs stand, or #WHATUPRIBS, or maybe What up, Ribs. I am not sure. I think the hashtag is compulsory. They are hipster ribs. Apparently “Jewish Kryptonite”. You get +1 in klout for every order. Simon Hartley stands, his head out of shot, deciding how many +1’s he needs for internet domination.

I chose Chicken Curry from the Taj. I lost followers, and internet influence, but I had a damn good lunch. A solid match with the rather insipid Citizen Amber Ale. I had had many IPAs by this point so that could be the reason the Ale tasted a bit bland.

These tables were reserved for some sort of sporting spectacular that was happening later in the day. My hip was acting up in the weather, so I was  home sucking a 6 pack of King’s Blockhouse IPA dry before a ball, racquet, or helmet was used.

Your erstwhile author is confused by the garb of these two men as he blurringly makes his way past . Apparently it was related to the sporting spectacular to follow.

This was one of the beers made by SAB’s craft wing. Which made me think of the Salvation Army’s military wing. Nonetheless, the Master Brewer (whose name I didn’t catch) has a heck of a time, as she gets to make whatever beer she wants with almost no commercial consideration, as the beers are only available at festivals.

More SAB craft. Crafty Democrat? A more sordid mind could suggest SAB is hinting that the POTUS is at heart, a bag carrier.

My second favourite local brewer, Three Skulls Brew Works, after Devil’s Peak Brewery.

I didn’t taste as much as I should have, but I drank just the right amount. I can say that in three short years the quality of local beer has increased at a phenomenal rate. There really is a wide choice of interesting flavorful beers now. Hat tip to the festival organisers for being a part of this revolution.


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