I’m Writing For RealTimeWine

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Just to keep you all up to date, I thought I’d let you know about a mini wine writing project I have embarked upon.

Andy Hadfield the founder, head honcho, and most technologically advanced wine drinker I know, of Real Time Wine – the South African wine app that lets you easily search, rate and see which wines are trending in the country – asked me to write a series of articles for this community.

The series is titled Harry Haddon’s Unofficial and Incomplete Guide To the Hedonistic Pleasures of The Grape. (I had to find some way to make it more grandiose). You can find it here or on Real Time Wine’s Facebook page where I will also be hanging about on Thursdays to answer wine related questions. Questions on 17th Century Religious poetry will also be fielded.

The articles are aimed at people who know absolutely nothing about wine. We start at the beginning and will find some place, 8 articles later, that we will  call the end. I am not exactly trying to convert people, but rather show just how goddamed awesome wine is. Trying to do this a little differently from the million and one other ‘guides to wine’ will be tricky but I am going to give it a go.

They come out every Thursday.

I started with an introduction arguing why I should even be doing something like this. The second part, out this week, deals with tasting and finding difference in wine. The third week will be on some small practical ways to improve your drinking. And then we get practical. Vines, winemaking, terroir, and maybe even malolactic fermentations, or maybe not, with some philosophical rants thrown in for good measure. Oh, and lolz, I try to insert a good lol whenever I can.

Let me know what you think, and areas that I HAVE to cover.


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