First Video Post – Foreign Condescension and The Aristargos 2012

I have no real idea why I have done this. Maybe I’m trying to break into a new, illiterate wine drinking market.  Staring into a camera, and then staring at yourself afterward must be the weirdest, most naval gazing activity possible. I prefer words. On a page. Behind which I can hide comfortably. You see, even here I can’t help but type.

If you like it, I’ll do more, because look, I’m not short on rants.

Also, it’s a tad long.

Only 999 more to equal Gary Vaynerchuck, so you better damn well like it.

9 thoughts on “First Video Post – Foreign Condescension and The Aristargos 2012”

  1. Ha ha ha Harry! Super post and a mighty fine rant; well deserved I have to say. Keep them coming. The passion is super to watch and has made the retrospective disappointment of losing to India easier to handle.

  2. Military intelligence, great English lovers, environmentally friendly oil companies, interesting wine writing??? Well done Harry, great work! You’ve broken the mold in stylish fashion. Keep up the good work.

  3. Nice one Harry. Where the fuck was Craig Hawkins or Lammershoek (I can’t ever spell this so I assume it is wrong) in the learned gentleman’s wine report? Keep ranting. SA young guns (ok so not all are so young anymore – Jurgen Gouws has been 24 for at least 4 years!) rock…

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