MAN Vintners Auditions [Videos]

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 10.53.58 AM

So let’s just get the conflict out the way. I helped make these videos. We think they’re pretty funny. 

As the life of a wine writer is not a lucrative one in the country, we scribes must look elsewhere for our daily bread. I have been slowly getting into video production over the last year or so. My girlfriend and partner in this video malarky is Genevieve Akal. She’s the brains behind it having studied film at the New York Film Academy and is a qualified script editor.

So we have started making short videos for wine producers. I have done some little ones for a WOSA tasting at Cape Wine, and a other little odds and ends before the MAN Vintner’s job.

At the end of last year we shot a whole bunch of content for MAN Vintners and Tormentoso. The videos here show the series for MAN Vintners.

We wanted to try and get away from the typical, “vineyards, person drinking and laughing, cut to logo” videos that are all over the place. So we dreamt up the scenario of an actor trying to audtion for the role of a wine in various genres of plays. The director is French, and a bastard. The actor is hopless. I wrote the ‘scripts’ for the actor in the different genre/styles – Shakespeare, film noir, gangster, mime, interpretive dance, etc, but used the tasting notes of the wines as dialogue. They’re light hearted and funny (we hope). Enjoy these ones for now.

MAN Vintners is running a competition on their Facebook page as they release the videos over the next week or so. Head over there to see the rest of the videos and possibly wine some wine.



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