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While many seem adept at carrying on a 9-5 and blogging as if their bank account’s depend on it, I seem to value ‘harry time’ too much. Yes, that does mean I have a new job. Yes, that is the reason for the lack of posts last week. No, I am not sure what is going to happen going forward.

The first thing is to get through the backlog of stuff I was planning on writing about.

Most importantly, Eben’s new releases, a historic point for South African fine wine.

Next, and equally historic, will be the Hermit on the Hill’s new label, followed by posts on Webersberg, Waterkloof, Breneissance (I have decided I don’t like the name), and a cool box worth of wines I have not yet posted reviews of.After which i think I will be again shifting my focus here. The second task is to win those damned wine writing prizes. At least it’ll make getting into this ridiculous racket pay for something other than hangovers.

With a job the daily review nonsense will probably pass, scores will become a moot point (you’re lucky, I had a whole post lined up on that front) and well I don’t know.



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