(This changes as I feel like it. The blog is about wine and myself. Go read the posts, you’ll get the idea)

Welcome one and all to a glimpse into the life of an aspiring wine person. Yes, a wine person. A jack of all wines to be precise. As of Februaury 2012 (after some time as a restaurant manager and wine marketer) I decided to go it alone and start freelancing in the South African wine world. Will it work? Will I end up in the gutter? Who knows?

In a nutshell this blog is, as the title suggests, about myself and wine. I am not going to use this valuble space here to tell where it all started, but you can read about it here. That link takes to you to 2Oceansvibe.com I have a weekly column there, as well as a radio feature. Enjoy them.

Basically, I love wine. Which is as cliched a comment as possible, but it’s true. Whether that statement is just a flimsy cover for an alcohol problem is debatable. I am happy to debate it with you over a good bottle. The point is I want to do something that I enjoy doing, so I am trying to do that in wine. This blog will see how successful I am. Along with opinion, rants, elaborate tasting notes, and possibly reviews of things I know nothing about just to keep it a little spicy.

I also hope to convince you that fine wine is the king of drinks, hell it’s the queen too. It is my favourite drug, my preferred tipple, it is a truly wonderous beverage that I want to envelope myself in. I try to avoid bullshit, and am happy to be wrong. Wine, like literature is a lifelong pursuit and you will die with a lot left to learn. Every single one of us. Join me as I try to escape the ineveitable.

Also, I’m always up for lunch. Contact details here

7 comments on “About
  1. Dionysus says:

    Nice blog Harry, like your style! Keep the reviews coming.


  2. Bloody marvellous dear chap, loving every word you write, especially when you say fuck lots, most wine connoisseurs forget to add that word in.

    Keep it up (no pun intended)

  3. […] was a bit early, as it is just up the road from me, and our host Harry Reginald, seated me at the bar where we exchanged a couple of words before he had to dash of to prepare for […]

  4. […] Harry Reginald was the master-mind behind the concept of creating our own exclusive blind tasting faction away from the rules set out by the Lords of Wine. We started tasting our own wines (by variety, region, blend, etc.) blindly at Chenin Wine Bar for a few months but decided to branch out and use this premise to rate and review other wine serving establishments’ wine lists, for fun for some, education for others and just plain showing off their talented senses for a select few (nothing wrong with this as I aspire to be one of them … someday). […]

  5. claire says:

    Hi Harry,

    Laptop crashed two weeks ago so trying to get all my email addy’s back.
    Jorg and I have a business proposition (for lack of a better word) for you that i think you would be VEEEEEEEERy interested in…
    Please give me a call soonest or drop me a mail when you have a chance.

  6. Wine Miles says:

    We would like permission to syndicate your RSS feed at WineMiles.com in exchange for free promotion and exposure for your site to our users. I have a full email describing the nature and details of my request, however, I could not find any way to contact you on your web site? Please contact me regarding this request at: http://winemiles.com/contact-us/


  7. Kay says:

    Hi Harry,
    fabulous stories! Is South Africa your first “wine person” trip to emerging regions? What other regions and countries would you like to visit?
    I enjoy drinking wine from small, unknown wineries, they have a certain charm that is impossible to find elsewhere. Recently, I visited British Columbia wine region and I was stunned. I think it was very similar to your experience with the South African Chenin. Everyone keeps saying the wine is not special at all but I can’t help myself but to feel the opposite. I’m glad I found your blog, keep writing and informing us on your “wine person” development.
    Have a lovely day 🙂

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