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Belgians Need To “Fuck Me Rich”

Best wine video I have ever seen. Thanks to Gentleman Pilot Extraordinaire Chris Rawlinson for posting this. He always posts the best ads.

This is how people will drink more wine. Serious.

Thanks Chris, thanks  Duval Guillaume, thanks Vallformosa winery.


First Video Post – Foreign Condescension and The Aristargos 2012

I have no real idea why I have done this. Maybe I’m trying to break into a new, illiterate wine drinking market.  Staring into a camera, and then staring at yourself afterward must be the weirdest, most naval gazing activity possible. I prefer words. On a page. Behind which I can hide comfortably. You see, even here I can’t help but type.

If you like it, I’ll do more, because look, I’m not short on rants.

Also, it’s a tad long.

Only 999 more to equal Gary Vaynerchuck, so you better damn well like it.