Twitter: @harryreginald

Other contact details such as physical address, phone number, mobile number, homing pigeon address, message in a bottle number, smoke signal ID are available on request.


6 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. Hi i was wondering if you can help me im looking for a price on Chateau Libertas. If i send you a pic can you help me with the price on this bottle that my dad got years ago please

  2. love your blog! it makes me miss cape town so much! we need souls like yours to line our barseats here in melbourne, airing their opinions winewise and appreciatong vast amounts of great wine… keep up the writing
    Neighbourhood Wine, Melbourne

  3. Harry – you still around? Found your blog when I was looking for Hermit On The Hill and read your tasting of the 2008 Abingdon. I am from Maritzburg and have got to know the folk at Abingdon well. Their wines have grown leaps and bounds since then, so much so that their Viognier got a Decanter Bronze in the ’14 ratings. See if you can get some. Better still, if you are ever up this way call in. Its a fantastic place with great people. The Stables, jawellnofine, it doesn’t exist any more, we’ll leave it at that.

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