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Damn, books are cheap

I was thinking about the relative prices of things yesterday, obviously in relation to wine – it’s just how my brain works these days. Don’t worry I’m not going to rant around wine prices. There is no point. Wine is expensive. It is. You can get bargains, but on the whole, wine at the better end of the spectrum is a luxury product.

I generally buy wines at around the R75-150 mark. I pay more sometimes, I pay less at others, but generally that’s what I pay.

For that same amount of money I can by a book. Not just any book, but a work of genius. A book whose arrangement of letters is quite near perfection. This for me, is crazy. Books have to be the cheapest works of art ever. What is equally crazy is for the same price you can buy a book whose letter arrangement is closer to a regurgitation of alphabet soup.

You don’t pay more for a better book and less for a shit one. Good for the consumer I guess. It means we can all have the literary equivalent of a Picasso on the wall, a poetic cellar full of first-growths for less than the cost of the paint, or a 5l box of wine. As I said, crazy.