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A Thelema Cabernet Vertical and Notes on Greeness


Last week saw some rather good wines find their way down my gullet. The first few of those was at a vertical tasting of Thelema’s Cabernet Sauvignon and single vineyard Cab, The Mint. At a time when the idea of ‘greeness’ is on many a South African wine anorak’s tongue, I hoped it would prove an informative tasting, as the latter wine prides itself on its minty note.

[This post got away from me. I feel I am not well-suited to the digital age of short pithy SEO optimized posts. If you want just my thoughts on the Thelema wines feel free to skip down to the bottom. First though, a little introduction to greeness in wines] Continue reading “A Thelema Cabernet Vertical and Notes on Greeness”


The Daily Post Attempt: Today Noble Hill Cab ‘05

I find it very easy to drink wine every day. I find it quite difficult to blog every day. I also seem to start meandering and end up with a post that is longer than it should be, without saying enough. So another attempt at daily posting. Last night it was the Noble Hill Cabernet Sauvignon 2005. It was far better than their website which doesn’t seem to have been updated, they have gone through a major relabeling which has skipped the website. No matter.

The 05 Cab is drinking well but I could give it a couple more years. Good acidity gives an elegance and freshness. Fine tannins and overall balance and structure was a relief after all the fruit bombs I have had to drink recently. The usual dark berries with hints of tar are about for this one, finishing with a bit of coffee and pecan nuts. Definitely up for a good steak, but to be honest I enjoyed this one on its own. Class act. If the fruity-tooty-drink-now Cab’s I’ve had lately are like Kate Hudson : good looking, palatable, sure, I’ll watch her, fine, but at the end of the day she is in too many shitty films to have the class of, say, Claire Danes, racier, more elegant, and far more memorable. This was a Claire Danes wine.

Did that make little sense? Probably, but it’s what came to mind.