Update to #SauvignonBlog Prizes

Sorry guys, there was a bit of a mix up with the prizes for the #SauvignonBlog competition prizes.

But it was a good mixup as they have got better. The prizes are now as follows:

R200 worth of DV Artisanal Chocolate, a R500 voucher for Societi Bistro and a night’s stay atWelgelegen Guest House.

Full details here

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Constantia Fresh Sauvignon Blanc Festival 2010

I’m not sure if you’ve heard but there is a cracking Sauvignon Blanc festival happening at the end of the month. If you cast your minds back, well no you don’t have to, just click here and here and you’ll see what I said about the festival last year.



And look how happy I was:

Jorg and Harry - never been happier.

Well as you can see it was a bloody awesome event. 40-odd of the best Sauvignon Blanc’s around, a lavish dinner, a walk around tasting accompanied by food prepared by the Cape’s top chefs. I’m really not sure what else you could want from a Friday and Saturday in February. And that was last year.

This year the Constantia Fresh Sauvignon Blanc Festival is stepping it up a notch by including Sauvignon Blanc based blends in the line-up. And chatting to Jorg Pfutzner – sommelier, hustler, superb taster and even better drinker – I heard that never before has a South African event had such a line up of top-end Bordeaux white blends. Are you excited yet? No?

“Château Laville Haut Brion, Château Haut Brion Blanc, Château Smith-Haut-Lafitte Blanc, Château Pape-Clement Blanc, Domaine de Chevalier Blanc and Chateau Mouton Rothschild Aile d´Argent alongside the top South African white blends, the names of which will only be revealed at the end of the tasting.”

Now I’ve got you.

Here is the rest of the program.

If you are not already trying to buy the last few remaining tickets to one of the events there is either something wrong with you or you are broke.

No wait, being broke is not an excuse. I’m sure you all have a spare Kidney, and I have a few contacts who will offer you a good price. And believe me it will be worth it. I did it last year, and my remaining kidney thanks me for it.

But that’s not all! Glomail eat your heart out.

I have been chatting to the organisers of the event and we have been able to setup a rather fun competition using twitter and any other blogging or social media platforms you see fit. It’s called Let’s Sauvignon Blog and it is going to happen during the walk around tasting on the Saturday.

This is how it’s going to work. From the time you arrive until six ‘o clock all you have to do is identify your three top wines and give accurate, entertaining and creative tasting notes using the hashtag #sauvignonblog.

Here’s an example: 1. 2009 Random Sauv blanc. Tighter than a duck’s arse with a herby freshness that’ll have Aquafresh begging for the recipe. #SauvignonBlog

Easy peasy. ! tweet per wine. Three wines. If you are not on twitter you can simply email your tasting note (125 characters long + #SauvignonBlog) to and I’ll post it to twitter for you. Or you can post it to Constantia Fresh’s Facebook page here. If you feel the need to put your note on a blog that’s also fine, but you’ll still have to email or tweet the link.

At the end of the day I will take all the tasting notes and work out which wine has gained the prestigious Sauvignon Blog People’s Choice Award. From what I understand it is billed to be the most prestigious Sauvignon Blanc award in the country.

But best of all, the person who I judge to have offered the best tasting note of the day will win a bottle of their top wine, and R200 worth of DV Chocolate, a R500 voucher for Societi Bistro and a night’s stay atWelgelegen Guest House. Not bad eh?

All you have to do is sort out your ticket, attend the event and get Sauvignon Blogging. All the details on the #Sauvignon Blog page

If you are in anyway worried about the price, do not be. Believe me when I say this event offers value for money. Your R400 ticket will offer you more wine than you can drink, more stylish, scrumptious and expertly paired food than you can wave a stick at, and all presented in an elegant manner that most food fand wine festivals can only have wet dreams of. Seriously, this is no hoi-polloi feeding frenzy. This is top-notch my friends. Top-notch.

If you feel like tweeting this competition please use this link as I have created a page especially for the event. You’l find all the basics right here.

Tickets to these events can be purchased through the cellar doors of the participating farms. Once these are sold out, kindly contact Jorg Pfutzner of Fine Wine Events on 072 467 5943 or email


Aylesford ‘Constantia Fresh’ – it’s about wine not cream, I promise.

splash-logo const

I am a little behind the times with this one, but I booked the other day so I thought I’d do a quick post. Aylesford ‘Constantia Fresh’ Sauvignon Blanc Festival is happening in just over a week’s time and it’s looking hot.  With 2009 being such a good year for our Sauvignons it seems an excellent time to taste                                                                  and compare them to others from around the world.

It’s not cheap – I sold one of my kidneys to a Nigerian drug dealer over the weekend, so I’m covered – but I reckon it will  be worth it. The event is over three days, and the activities are straight from a food and wine lover’s wet-dream.

On Friday the 27th there is an international tasting, and quoting from the website:

Buitenverwachting hosts the International Sauvignon Blanc Tasting in their Old Cellar. Guests will taste wines of differing vintages from the best producers of the Loire, alongside New Zealand and the Constantia region with the purpose of establishing stylistic differences, ageability, strong and weak points in comparison to other world-class Sauvignon Blancs.

This is the event I sold a kidney for, I tried to sell my liver as well but they just laughed and made some joke about putting bald tyres on a new car. Anyway, this is what I’ll be sipping on next Friday afternoon:

Four different wines of Francois Cotat of  Sancerre
Three different wines of Dagueneau, Didier Pouilly Fume
Domaine Philippe Gilbert Menetou Salon, Les Renardières
Four different wines of  Michel Redde Pouilly Fumé
Three different wines of Alphonse Mellot
Henry Marionnet
Two wines of Pascal Gitton Sancerre

New Zealand
2007 Three Stone Sauvignon Blanc
2007 Dog Point Sauvignon Blanc
2008 Saint Clair Pioneers Block 3constanttia fresh
2008 Craggy Range Te Muna Vineyard
2009 Cloudy Bay
2008 Kim Crawford
2008 Babich
2008 Wild Rock Infamous Goose
2008 Ata Rangi
2007 Babich Black Label
2008 Koru

South Africa
Three different wines  of Buitenverwachting Wine Estate
Three different wines of Constantia Glen
Three different wines Groot Constantia
Three different wines Klein Constantia
Three different wines Constantia Uitsig
Three different wines Steenberg Vineyards

I got excited just copying and pasting that. I need to do a bit of research on these areas, and I’ll try put together a bit of an overview of each of them before the tasting, and the report back the following week.

If the Nigerians had taken my liver I would also have attended the Friday night dinner at La Colombe, the International Reds tasting the next day followed by a picnic on the lawns of Buitenverwachting Estate.

Imagine me taking your hands, making you sit down and then staring intently into your eyes. Right got that? Now let me impress upon you how absolutely wonderful this weekend will be. If you can’t fork out the cash (or have spare body parts to flog) for the first two events, try get to the Sunday afternoon one.  I’ll put my balls on the line, nay, on the chopping block and say that if you like wine and food this will easily be one of the best days you have this year.

How can I be so sure you ask? How can he put his balls out there so fearlessly? Well it is because last year I attended a Riesling festival organised by the same guy who is setting this festival up, one Jörg Pfützner. Jörg’s a legend, with a jorg ridiculous wine knowledge and a formidable palate. Wait, can a palate be ‘formidable’? If so, Jörg’s is. The Riesling Festival (this is what went down) was fucking ridonkulous – to steal a phrase from Gary V – seriously, I drank the best Riesling of my life, ate food that made me want to cry, and experienced pairings that made my toes curl in ecstasy. If  ol’ Jörg can match that this year, you’ll kick yourself if you don’t go.

Go now and get a ticket. Take your girlfriend or boyfriend and they will love you for ever, or at least a week. Whatever, just go now because space is limited and last time I saw Jörg he said there weren’t too many left.