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Big Bottle Party Debrief Part Two (the last, phew)

**Warning. This is long, slightly rambling, and is mainly about me drinking.*** I left you last time as made my way from the Rare Blanc de Blancs tasting toward dinner. Not quite tottering yet, by jolly enough to high-five whomever

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Dirk Niepoort: A humble, Croc wearing maverick.

Presidents and pilgrims, wine makers and drinkers, wine writers and merchants all come to the Douro Valley to meet Dirk Van der Niepoort, and he greets them all equally in his shorts, shirt, and Crocs. And despite being an incredibly

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The Goodbye Post I Ended Up Writing On the Plane

So here I sit at 11887m up in the air, flying at a speed of 885 Km/hr with only 5431km between the plane and Milan. I am busting this post out old-school, with pen on paper. You see I have

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The Great South African Tasting Note

Alas, the last few weeks have been too quiet on this blog. Quiet and eerie, @’s (the digital tumbleweed) have been blowing through the pages with nary a new word in sight. Let me explain. It started when a hubbub

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For the Love of Great Wines Workshop at the One&Only

Like a paedophile attending the premiere of Teletubbies – The Movie I can barely contain my excitement. You see the One&Only Cape Town is having its first birthday next month and they’ve decided what better way to celebrate than having

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