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Beer is Good, Wine is Excellent, What About Wine in Beer?

I have been saying this for a little while, and now the eminent MW Tim Atkin has agreed: now is the most exciting time to be involved in the South African wine scene. If you are into new and sparkly

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Big Bottle Party Debrief Part Two (the last, phew)

**Warning. This is long, slightly rambling, and is mainly about me drinking.*** I left you last time as made my way from the Rare Blanc de Blancs tasting toward dinner. Not quite tottering yet, by jolly enough to high-five whomever

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Plenty wine, plenty food, yet not a single olive

I must apologise for the lack of posts recently. You see I am in the midst of a two-week stint working nights. This I thought would free up my time during the day to blog, taste wine and sort out

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