First Video Post – Foreign Condescension and The Aristargos 2012

I have no real idea why I have done this. Maybe I’m trying to break into a new, illiterate wine drinking market.  Staring into a camera, and then staring at yourself afterward must be the weirdest, most naval gazing activity possible. I prefer words. On a page. Behind which I can hide comfortably. You see, even here I can’t help but type.

If you like it, I’ll do more, because look, I’m not short on rants.

Also, it’s a tad long.

Only 999 more to equal Gary Vaynerchuck, so you better damn well like it.


An 2oceansvibe column on Chenin

I wrote a column about the varying responses to our Chenin Blanc.

Is South African Chenin any good? According to two international writers it is, and it isn’t. Frustratingly for local producers, mixed messages are being sent out. Locally we have been all “Yeah SA Chenin is the dog’s bollocks!” and then given a full-on smack-down by international writers: “Steady on there Saffas, your wines are definitely not all that.” What the hell is really going on?

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Yes, I know it would be easier to read it here, bu it’s bright and colourful over at 2oceans, you’ll enjoy it.