MAN Vintners Auditions [Videos]

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So let’s just get the conflict out the way. I helped make these videos. We think they’re pretty funny.  Continue reading “MAN Vintners Auditions [Videos]”


First Video Post – Foreign Condescension and The Aristargos 2012

I have no real idea why I have done this. Maybe I’m trying to break into a new, illiterate wine drinking market.  Staring into a camera, and then staring at yourself afterward must be the weirdest, most naval gazing activity possible. I prefer words. On a page. Behind which I can hide comfortably. You see, even here I can’t help but type.

If you like it, I’ll do more, because look, I’m not short on rants.

Also, it’s a tad long.

Only 999 more to equal Gary Vaynerchuck, so you better damn well like it.


Why is the Swartland Revolting?


Here’s the slightly wobbly video from the Swartland Revolution. I went around asking everyone the question, “Why is the Swartland revolting?” There is also a gratuitous braai shot.

I apologise for the sound quality, all the footage is from my tiny Sony Ericsson X10 mini. If it gets a little shaky it’s probably because I was trying not to spill my wine, which I had in the other hand at all times.