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Listing fees are not always evil.

You all know  – and some of you agree with  – how much I dislike restaurants charging listing fees. Well, I had a chat with a restaurateur the other evening who gave me the most convincing argument for charging the fees yet. Although it wasn’t the argument that convinced me as much as how he implemented it.

He charges R1000 (in stock) for a guaranteed listing for a year. He says that he takes the savings he makes here and puts it into good glassware and low mark ups. He prints his menus once a month so that they are up to date and clean (Ahem, take note Caveau). Every wine on the list (about 40 wines) is served by the glass, and he is willing to offer you a taste of each wine before you purchase it at no extra charge. 

It is not the most mind blowing wine list in the city but all the wines are of good  quality – dependable wines like the Thelema Mountain Red and Hartenberg Riesling, smart value picks like the Bosman Family Vineyards Chenin Blanc, and consistent performers like the Raats Original. For each glass of wine you buy you receive a 1/3 of a bottle. The price for a bottle is the same as three glasses.

I believe that both the wine farm (for the listing and the way the wines are treated) and the customers (good glassware and prices) benefit from this listing fee.

I still hate the R5000 per wine fees some places charge. They can still stick those up their arses. Greedy shits. But when I feel I have benefited from the fee, and can’t see how the farm has been affected negatively then it is a hard thing to argue against.

So hats coats and ties off to Societi Bistro. If other restaurants served wines in the manner and at the price Societi does, there would be a lot less griping and a lot more drinking. The food is also excellent with their Mushroom Risotto being a city bowl institution. And (I am  going to tell you this on the condition you don’t take my favourite chair) they have the best place to hunker down on a cold winter’s evening: The Snug Bar. I like to lounge in a leather wing-backed chair reading something foreign, as a fires crackles away warming my toes whilst the big glass of Thelema warms my heart. So please frequent this establishment; drink and be merry, but stay the hell out of my chair.

So in summation: take thisgsteffeywingbackchairburgundy


Add a little


Coupled with a good dose of:


Finish with a healthy chunk of:


And you are on your way to being a better, happier person.


2 thoughts on “Listing fees are not always evil.”

  1. I believe people charging for listings doesn’t have passion for wine and are too lazy to make their own good selection, but I get what you are saying about Societi Bistro. Cheers!

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